Spring Ball Interview: 3/16/13

Check out this exclusive with Defensive End #35 Ted Agu

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Maybe Now They Will Think Twice About Skipping Class…

by Emily Turner

As I walked down the stairs of Memorial Stadium Saturday morning, I couldn’t help but notice that the football team wasn’t actually scrimmaging like the schedule said they were supposed to. It was 12:30 and I was set to interview players at 1:30. I wPhotography by: Emily Turneras planning on watching the end of the team scrimmage, take some notes, and get my questions lined up. But instead, they were lined up in the north end zone in rows of about 20 men long. All of a sudden, Coach Dykes blew his whistle and, in unison, the whole team started running: 5 yards. Stop. Push-up. Stand back up. Run 5 yards. Stop. Push-up. Repeat…And when I say repeat I mean 400 yards of  “Up-Downs” across the entire field. Every player of every position in synchronized punishment. As I watched this painful 5 minutes, I wondered what had happened for this to occur. Maybe the coaching staff was unhappy with a sub-par practice? Or players showed up late to meetings?…I didn’t know.

Once they were done, they all huddled in the opposite end zone, took a knee, and listened as Coach Dykes and the rest of the staff talked to them. At the end of the meeting they got together for the traditional “Go Bears!”. Practice was over.

Still confused, I walked on the the field to set up my camera and tri-pod, at least now knowing exactly what questions I was going to ask. My first question to RS Sophomore Defensive End Ted Agu: “Why was the team doing ‘up-downs’ today?” His response: “People have been missing class”.

To be exact, 22 players missed at least one class in a span of two weeks. And as we know with team sports; you win as a team, lose as a team, and definitely undergo punishments as a team.

Coach Dykes is not messing around when it comes to football as well as academics. One of the main reasons Coach Tedford was let go was due to a lack of emphasis on the academic side of being a student-athlete, with no consequences for slacking off in school or even skipping class altogether. Now, the Dykes Era. Out with the old, and in with the new. We are definitely seeing big changes being implemented on and off the field with this football team and severe consequences if rules are broken. If this habit keeps up, this team can see many more push-up’s and turf-burned knees in their future.

Maybe now they will think twice about skipping class. Only time will tell.

-Emily Turner, CalTV Sports

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Spring Ball at Cal: The Battle for the Starting QB Spot

The Cal Football team is amidst Spring Ball training, and with this comes the battle for the starting quarterback spot. After graduating last season’s starter Zach Maynard, this crucial position is up for grabs.

Under new Head Coach Sonny Dykes, this fast paced game style is exactly what the five,well actually now four, quarterbacks are getting excited about.

The latest Spring Ball news is that, RS Senior Allan Bridgford, the quarterback with actually the most starting experience at Cal, announced Monday that he will be leaving the program and intends to transfer elsewhere for the 2013 football season. He will be graduating Cal still in May; however, is no longer a member of the football team.

This sudden decision leaves RS Sophomore Austin Hinder, RS Freshman Zach Kline, and true freshman Jared Goff battling for that #1 position. As shown by the three-way tie on the depth chart, released Monday, this spot is still undetermined. We will see what unfolds within the next few weeks, especially as the team heads towards more scrimmages and the final Spring game at Memorial Stadium on Saturday March 23rd at 4 pm. Keep an eye out for more information here at CalTV Sports as we see who is going to get that spot. Go Bears!

–Emily Turner, CalTV SportsImage

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Check out our interview with two of our new coaches!

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